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The House has taken action to Honor the Gift of kidney donation, now it’s the Senate’s turn! 


We need your help to ensure that Congress prioritizes the Immuno Bill’s passage before the end of the year. Use your voice to save lives—tell your Senators to honor the gift of kidney donation and pass S. 3353 this year!



    • Having already passed in the House with incredible bipartisan support, the Immuno Bill is non-controversial, bipartisan legislation that would save lives.
    • The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan agency that conducts objective, impartial analysis on the budgetary effects of policy, projects that the Immuno Bill will result in significant savings to the Medicare program.
    • More than 135 Members of Congress have cosponsored H.R. 5534 & S. 3353 – this is a bipartisan measure that we all can agree on. Let’s get it done! 



Medicare’s coverage limit on anti-rejection drugs impacts thousands of kidney transplant patients across the country. These are their stories.

Monica Fox

Monica received her kidney transplant on Thanksgiving Eve 2016 and as of last winter, has lost access to guaranteed coverage of immunosuppressive medications.

John Cabaluna

John has lived with ESRD since he was 25. Knowing their life saving anti-rejection medications are covered would give kidney transplant patients like him, regardless of socioeconomic status, one less thing to worry about.

Natalie & Mark Mirage

The relief Natalie and her family felt after receiving her transplant in 2014 is overshadowed by the lack of guaranteed coverage for the immunosuppressive treatments she’ll need for the rest of her life.


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